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Library & Research

Western Health Library

 The Western Health Library offers extensive journal, database and textbook resources to support medical staff with their clinical, teaching and research needs.

This includes services such as access to electronic resources like UpToDate, AMH and Therapeutic Guidelines, personalised assistance with literature reviews, and access to quiet working spaces.

Western Health Office for Research

The Western Health Office for Research supports campus research with strong links to partner organisations including the University of Melbourne, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

In 2018 Western Health staff were involved in:

  • 750 active research projects, with
  • $40million in grants awarded and held, and
  • 500 journal publications.

In 2020, two Western Health PhD candidates were finalists for the prestigious Premiers Awards for Health and Medical Research.

We strongly support our junior researchers, with opportunities for a number of research awards and prizes through our annual campus Research Week.

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