Starting your term

Live Best Care

Best Care is provided by front-line staff who are engaged in and committed to providing Best Care for each patient, every day, every time.

You are at the heart of Best Care, with your practices and behaviours having a direct impact on patient experience and/or patient outcomes.

Staff focused on Best Care are compassionate and respectful, as well as skilled, competent and professional.

Delivering Best Care when you are busy and under significant pressure can be challenging, but also very rewarding when you make a positive difference to a patient and their family.


To provide Best Care…

  1. I communicate with patients and their families and am sensitive to their needs & preferences
  2. I am an active team player and look for ways to do things better
  3. I am competent in what I do and motivated to provide the best care and services possible
  4. I keep patients from harm


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