Medical Education Unit

About Us

The Medical Education Unit (MEU) oversees education and training for pre-vocational doctors at Western Health, including interns and HMOs.

We support junior doctors with orientation, career planning and development, and work closely with each unit and department to support the training needs of our pre-vocational junior doctors.

MEU also deliver a large number of skills and career workshops, a growing simulation program, and co-ordinate basic life-support training for junior doctors.

We welcome feedback and contributions from our junior doctors to continue to develop our innovative and accessible education programs. We maintain strong links to the RMO Society and have active junior doctor representation at our monthly Medical Education Committee meetings.


Our Team

A/Prof Stephen Lew

Director of Medical Education

Ms Maryrose Winfield

Admin Co-Ordinator

Ms Kerrie Terrill

Admin Co-Ordinator

Dr Elke Hendrich

Director of Physician Education

Dr David Tsang

Deputy Director of Physician Education

Dr Sean Fabri

Supervisor of Intern Training & IMGs

Dr Fiona Reid

Director of Clinical Training: Surgical Stream

Dr Russel Krawitz

Director of Clinical Training: Surgical Stream

Dr Jonathan Kaufman

Director of Clinical Training: General Stream

Mr Kristian Mitev

Medical Education Officer (Interns)

Ms Julie O’Connell

Medical Education Officer (Surgical & IMGs)

Ms Juli Toussaint

Medical Education Officer (General Stream)